Welcome to the Moms & babies Maternity Care website. My name is Jana Uher, I am the mother of two wonderful little girls who brought me to work a postpartum doula. I offer you COMPREHENSIVE NURSERY CARE.  care, help and support for pregnant women and those in their first steps of motherhood.

My services include:

  • pregnancy support
  • personal preparation for the postpartum, baby care and breastfeeding
  • lactation counseling - preparation and solution of acute problems
  • postpartum care (massage, healing support, psychological support, pelvic floor exercises, compilation of the menu)
  • baby handling and baby massage
  • daily care of the baby and solving acute problems (bathing, treatment of the navel, regime measures, baby wearing, sleeping)
  • henna painting
  • production of personal perfumes using EO Nobilis Tilia
  • closing ritual
  • light domestic help

All this in the comfort of your home. I will advise you during pregnancy, I will help you after birth. Contact me, I'm happy to talk to you.

While a baby is born at birth, a mother is born during the sixth week.

WHAT NEXT? Take a look at my offer.

I am more than happy to support you during your postpartum. Also I am able to prepare you for the time immediately after giving birth, for breastfeeding, taking care of yourself and your baby. If you are new to Czech Republic, I can help you to navigate through our health system. All this we can do online. The price for 1 hour session is 450,-. (You may need about 3-4 hours).

Then, during your postpartum I can offer you a 2, 5 or 7 visits package (costs: 1800,- , respectively 4500,- and 6300,-)

A single visit, if you need, costs 950,- Plus I charge for travel costs, 8,- per kilometre. If you have a package, there is no extra charge.

The personal visits at your place last usually 90 minutes. There is nothing you could not ask me. If you have a package, I am here for you also on phone, do not hesitate to contact me, when you feel like to discuss something. Among others, I can define for you:

  • how long: is the usual stay in the hospital, the bleeding and discharge can last
  • what is: colostrum, vernix, newborn screening, all the other examinations in the hospital, babyblues and babybrain  
  • how to care for: the belly button of your baby, your birth wounds and scars
  • how to do: baby massage and your belly massage and belly binding
  • what herbal remedies to use  
  • how to: bathe, handle and sooth your baby and boost your oxytocin level.
  • all the thing to avoid during your postpartum

I can prepare food and do a light cleaning for you. I can also massage back, arms and feets, and do the rebozo massage. Take care of your belly - belly wrapping and massage, and pelvic floor excersice. I can also support and help you with breastfeeding and I can also show you how to wear your baby in the scarf. I am here to listen to you, give you strength and provide you with breathing exercise to calm you down.

If you need more information, please do not hesitate to call me (721 945 139) or write me an email: 



If you want to be able to understand everyday Czech, I am your teacher. 

I teach online. Price for each 45 minutes class is 350,- 

Call for your appointment.